Item 6692 WW2 German infantry officer Visor hat



This is a good basic example of a no-frills German officer visor hat which most likely was purchased at the army Kleiderkasse rather than tailor made; ordered by the officer. The wool is field grade and is with out any evidence of moth visitation.  There is a small brown stain on the top of the crown. I have not tried to remove it. (see pics) The sweatband is that composite paper-like material. The celluloid diamond bears no maker marking; which would be comensurate with it being a Kleiderkasse item. The size is indicated as 59 1/4. The red portion of the cockade is vented; which is generally associated with Robert Lubstein hats. This could be a Lubstein "economy model" (?) I don't know. But I do believe you will find this hat to be a nice example for display with any infantry officer uniform. $665.00



Item 6693 WW2 German infantry officer Visor hat



Here is a nicely shaped army infantry officers visor hat made out of doe-skin wool. It has very limited moth bites taken out of the piping at the front. It has an unreadable maker marking on the celluloid sweat diamond in the crown. The sweat band is the grey composite paper type. There are initials of the previous owner. The size of this hat is about 57-58. $620.00



Item 6694 WW2 Tan painted gas mask



You know; I had been collecting over 20 years before I got my first example of one of these tan painted gas masks. I do not believe that they were painted this way at the factory. But I don't believe that they were individually done because if they were, the soldier would have just painted over the whole thing rather than select portions. I think they were painted on a wide scale and to specifications set down by the ordnance department.  I believe they are later-war done rather than done in the North African theater; but I could also be wrong about that. Some of you tropical enthusiasts may be more informed about this than I. This example has all the head straps, clear lenses with no cracks, sound pliable rubber backing to the mask body and all the hardware functions as it should. This is the rarest of German as masks as far as I know. $265.00



Item 6695 WW2 wartime German spade with early/pre-war style cover



Here is a standard infantry man's straight handle spade. It is dated 1945 and is of typical welded construction just as original German ones should be. The cover is a pre-war leather type which was the predecessor of the presstoff model that we all know and love. It bears a maker mark and a faint 1938 date. All stitching is sound and the leather is pliable with no dry or rotted spots. ON HOLD




Item 6696 WW2 German political Bread bag and canteen



This is a pre-war aluminum canteen body with wool cover (moth-hole-free) and blackened aluminum cap. The leather is pliable and sound. The canteen comes with a pre-war brown political style bread bag which has the name of an SA unit written on the inside. I'm not sure of and cannot guarantee the authenticity of the writing but the rest of this set is 100% original and in nice shape. ON HOLD



Item 6697 WW2  Presstoff  MG34/42 gunner's pouch



Here is your standard wartime produced MG 34/42 gunners kit container; made from presstoff. I can't see any markings on it but quite simply, nobody produced these thngsafter1945 so it can only be an original WW2 German one. It seems that a couple inches of stitches which hold the cover to the body have been replaced but everythig is there that is supposed to be there. $75.00



Item 6698 WW2 Luftwaffe map case with impressive unit markings



This is a pre-war (1934 manufacture date) brown leather map case which is profusely unt marked. It has a felpost number on it; L32795 which is the number assigned to the staff IV Flak-regiment Herman Goring from it's creation in 1940 until it's destruction as part of Panzerarmee afrika in the spring of 1943. It has all sound stitching and pliable leather. The belt loops were neatly removed presumably for the intention of using this as an over-the-shoulder bag. $70.00



Item 6699 WW2 Parachute canister for air-dropped supplies



Those large tube shaped canisters that were used for re-supply via parachute were sectionalized inside with several of these metal cans with sheet metal lid and a unique closure system. This one has a good deal of surface rust but no rust holes. This was found locally in the Ardennes near La Gleize. (Did they try to drop supplies to Peiper's encircled column near La Gleize? I forget) This is about 15 inches in diameter and would make one heck of a lunch box for you construction workers. (Looking at this thing just reminds me that I sell really cool stuff...) $165.00



Item 6700 WW2 Period Jungvolk reader books

These are among the coolest things that the Germans came out with during the war. There was a whole series of these approx 32 page novelettes intended for young people to read about the heroics of the men in uniform. They are not well illustrated inside but the covers more than make up for that. The text is readable. Condition is generally sound with no major damage to any of them. There may be some pencil markings and frayed corners. $18.50 each.

A    B    C    D   E   

F   G    H    I   J   

K    L    M




Item 6701 WW2 "Bastogne" road sign




You are going to love this. About 15 years ago I saw the original 1944 era "Bastogne" sign in the historical center just outside of Bastogne. The one in the museum had been taken by officers of the 101st airborne and years after the war donated back to the Bastogne museum. I took measurements and photographs and then got hold of a friend of mine in Prague who had contacts with somebody in an enamelware factory which is the last factory in Europe who still has contracts to make road signs (Europe is switching to the same type of printed steel ones that we use). I had them make this sign to the same specifications; slightly convex at the edges and layered enamel just as the original manufacturer did way back in the pre-war years when these signs were placed on each of the 7 roads leading into Bastogne. My reproduction came out quite good. PLEASE note that the quality of this sign will differ greatly from the modern copies which you may see available out there. They are cheaply printed or painted directly onto flat 10 gauge sheet metal.

I distressed the sign and shot a few holes in it (with an original MP40 and a Garand rifle; just in case you were wondering) and set it out to rust and weather. The end result blows the mind. It looks just like what one would expect to find if one visited Bastogne during or just after the battle. Look at the photos. They tell all. The size is about 14 inches tall by about 40 inches wide.

Whether you are a specialist in US WW2 "screaming eagles" related items...This can be the centerpiece of your war-room. The closest possible thing to the original. Cat not included. $365.00





You absolutely HAVE to check out this web site !





Item 6689 WW2 MG42 50 rd drum


Here is an original MG34/42 50 rd drum; maker marked and dated 1944. It retains about 90% of it's ordinance tan paint. It has not been re-painted/reused by Yugoslavia. The paint is original factory applied; inside and outside. All parts present and functional. $250.00




Item 6690 WW2 "St. Mere-Eglise road sign.



You are going to love this. About 10 years ago I saw an original 1944 era "St-Mere-Eglise" sign in the Airborne museum just off the square in St. Mere-Eglise, Normandy. It is one of 2 that were erected on the N13; the main road running through St Mere-Eglise on the way to Cherbourg. I took measurements and photographs and then got hold of a friend of mine in Prague who had contacts with somebody in an enamelware factory which is the last factory in Europe who still has contracts to make road signs (Europe is switching to the same type of printed steel ones that we use). I had them make this sign to the same specifications as the Japy Firm in Paris did way back in the 1930s. It came out quite good. I distressed the sign and shot a few holes in it (with an original MP44; just in case you were wondering) and set it out to rust and weather. The end result blows the mind. It looks just like what one would expect to find if one visited St. Mere-Eglise just after the battle. Look at the photos. They tell all. The last photo is actually the original which is in the Airborne museum. The size is about 35 inches wide.

Whether you are a specialist in US WW2 airborne items or overall Normandy related items...This can be the centerpiece of your war-room. The closest possible thing to the original; years in the making. ON HOLD




Item 6691 WW2 Infantry Enlisted man's visor hat




This is quite a large hat. It's an early prewar enlisted man's visor hat with white piping. The gabardine material has only a few of the tiniest moth nips. The celluloid diamond inside the crown is intact. The leather sweatband has it's stitching come loose but it is still mostly attached. The insignia is original to the hat. Size marked 62; this hat is an issue one which would not have the maker information printed inside the crown. SOLD




Item 6687 WW2 Wehrmacht camouflage parka



This is the best one that I have ever seen. I'll bet it's the best one that you have ever seen as well. It is not sourced from a European flea market. This one came to the US with a returning veteran in 1946. He intended to use it for hunting but never did. It hung in his closet for 40 years. I can tell you his name but I remember nothing else about him because I bought this from him in 1987. The colors are absolutely vibrant. There are no holes, tears, rips, repairs or damage. The white side took on a tint in places from rubbing against a shirt or sweater when this parka was being worn camouflage side out. There is one missing button from a pocket of the white side. The head broke off the shank. The parka is well marked with RB number and size II. SOLD




Item 6684 WW2 German MG34/42 ammo box


Here is a nice ammo box for the MG34/42 Machine guns. It is the kind made just after they switched from aluminum to steel but just before they switched to the "MG Kasten 41". This box dates to 1940.It is not dated but has a waffen ampt marking at the top. 100% original paint. Not been re-used by Norway or Yugoslavia. $145.00




Item 6639 WW2 German pre-war political zeltbahn



This is a pre-war tan/brown zelt which would have been used by any number of different paramilitary organizations. It has round ink stamps on it near the bottom. I think the most likely use was for the SA or HJ organizations. $95.00




Item 6640 WW2 German Rucksack



Basically this is an un-issued rucksack with mint condition leather fittings. The leather is pliable. It is made from a couple different types of material as many wartime packs were. All stitching is sound. No rips or repairs. Just as issued. SOLD




Item 6641 WW2 German small rucksack



Here is the smaller version of the rucksack. often referred to as the artillery version. The cloth has some spots of staining. The leather is sound without dry rot. No rips or tears. Marked with an RB number. Used but not abused. $65.00




Item 6642 WW2 German M31 Bekleidungssacke



I fell in love with these things when I watched "cross off Iron" and saw Sgt Steiner carrying one when he was coming back from medical leave. It's the standard M31 clothing bag. The leather is a little bit stuff and the cloth has a few small stains. Overall sound and usable. $35.00





Item 6649 WW2 German schutzpolizei M43 hat





It has been my experience that police M43s are nearly the toughest M43s to find. This one is in overall decent condition. I made a lot of photos so you can tell that it is unmolested and everything is as it should be. There are no hidden surprises or undisclosed damage. The size is 58. 100% honest in every regard. $395.00




Item 6650 WW2 German Luftwaffe bread bag



This is a basic original Luftwaffe bread bag with no damage. No rips or repairs. All sound stitching. It has a 1942 maker mark. It was re-used by somebody after the war as there appears to be a 1952 inventory stamp on it. $65.00




Item 6652 WW2 German Schutzpolizei bread bag



Police bread bags are the very best bread bags. I love the police color and the contrasting brown leather. This one is in exemplary condition. 42 dated bag and a 38 dated strap. SOLD




Item 6661 WW2 German gas burn treatment


There is one of these orange bakelite bottles inside each gas mask carried in combat. It contains a salve for the treatment of gas burns. It's very hard to find these intact with their labels. $25 each




Item 6664 WW2 German spork


This is an aluminum spoon fork combo. Marked and dated. $25




Item 6667 WW2 German flashlight


The Germans never developed a handy flashlight like we did. They instead had this over complicated, over engineered contraption. Put a battery into it and it will likely work. $45.00




Item 6673 WW2 German combs


You can buy one r the other of these combs. The one at left is a wooden one for combing your locks. The one at right is bakelite with fine teeth for ridding yourself of parasites. 100% guaranteed wartime. $25 EACH




Item 6674 WW2 German coins


6 coins of various denominations. all with wartime dates and swastikas. $10 buys them all.




Item 6675 WW2 German lighter items


This is a tin tobacco box that I found which has two lighters and a box of wartime matches. The lighters would work if you install new flints and lighter fluid which is available at any smoke shop. $40 buys it all.





Item 6624 WW2 German issue soldier's gloves


    Size 1

    Size 2

    Size 3

These are original WW2 German wool gloves as issued to soldiers of every branch of service. Good used condition with no moth damage, holes or worn-through spots. They are available in 3 sizes as indicated by the sizing rings knitted into them on the inside. One of the more ubiquitous items of WW2 German kit. Being as they are knit wool, the size is very forgiving. Basically they are small-medium-large. $65.00 your choice of size.


 NOTE: They way these gloves were issued is that with the onset of cold weather, everybody in the unit got a pair and wore them through the winter. When spring came, they were collected and stored in a bin with the division supply train. Next year, the bin was brought out again. Maybe it was topped off by a number of new pairs of gloves that came from army procurement; maybe not. Pairs were mated by size; not by condition or exact width and position of the size rings (which do vary; depending on the manufacturers) Unless a soldier was receiving a brand new pair from a bin that contained only gloves fresh from the manufacturer; he was not likely to receive a pair that matched identically. These gloves are not even right-left specific. Each glove will fit either the right or left hand. I have a number of pairs of gloves that came from a single source; a man in Germany who cleans out old estates. Basically, about 50 pounds of these gloves had been found in an old house. I have matched them into pairs as closely as possible. Some are exact matches; some are not. I'll do my best to accommodate you if you need a set which closely matches.





Item 6628 WW2 German field phone battery


Who out there would like to have an original battery (with original label) for their field phone? I know I would want one if I didn't have one. This one is guaranteed to no longer contain electricity so you are going to have to pretend it does. $85.00




Item 6591 WW2 German EM SS visor hat, Sattelform, 1936





This is about as nice an example that you are going to find. The hat is an early saddle form type which is dated 1936. (It seems to me that the vast majority of these EM black visors are the less attractive teller form) The black gaberdine material is in near flawless condition and has not been visited by moths. The saddle form is very good with no need of shaping. The insignias are beyond doubt original to the hat and have the prongs inserted directly through the lining as is correct for these early visors. The bill is waffle pattern vulkanfiber and is soundly stitched to the hat. All threads and stitching are intact throughout the hat. Well marked with an early style black label sewn into the crown and the white hersteller tag sewn in at the side. The hat fits a size 57 hat form perfectly. ON HOLD



Item 6596 WW2 German Luftwaffe map case


This is a 1940 dated brown leather map case made from pebbled leather. All is sound and supple with intact stitching. Named to a US soldier who apparently captured it. The map case has the celluloid removable map holder inside. Very difficult to find in this condition. $150.00



Item 6597 WW2 German photo


This is a 2 X 3 inch original photo of Luftwaffe standard bearers with their regimental flag. A very clear shot showing great details. $20.00



Item 6598 WW2 German photo


This is a 2 X 3 inch photo of early pre-war Heer soldiers with thier radio equipment. The star of the photo is the view of the early transition helmets. $15.00



Item 6599 WW2 German Luftwaffe property Beer bottles


These are original WW2 Beer bottles which are marked as Luftwaffe property. It seems that Hermann Goring saw that his fly-boys had a bit of cheer on hand when they returned from bombing Westminster or Rotterdam... Very nice condition with no cracks or chips. The retainer wires have surface rust but are sound and still hold the sealers tightly. I have four of these that came from a Normandy Flea market last summer. I suppose they were found locally. $75.00 each



Item 6601 WW2 German "Fettesbusche" fat container


This is an undated example of the fat container in black bakelite. It is a pre-1945 produced example made from real bakelite and NOT plastic. It opens with a half-twist of the interlocking threads. Just the way it should. No damage or cracks. Perfectly usable for any number of household applications. $60.00



Item 6603 WW2 German "Fettesbusche" fat container, 1944


Thisis an undated example of the fat container in brown bakelite. It is a pre-1945 produced example made from real bakelite and NOT plastic. It opens with a half-twist of the interlocking threads. Just the way it should. No damage or cracks. Reddish brown bakelite is the best kind of bakelite. ON HOLD



Item 6580 WW2 German wooden crate for artillery powder charges



  This is a box for powder charges for the 155mm artillery rounds. There is a slightly visible address on it indicating it was used as a container for some GI to ail home his souvenirs after the war. Dated 1944. The dimensions are 24 X 12 X 10 inches. Nice shape. $120.00



Item 6579 WW2 German signal magazines

A Available


C Available



  Who doesn't love "signal" magazines. They were published in many languages and meant to be circulated in the occupied countries. Filled with articles about Germany's military adventures (for the sake of a "united Europe") as well as articles such as might be found in "Time" or "life" magazine here in the states. These issues are French language. Circulated through the Paris office of signal. I have five of them which I bought in France. Each is complete and slightly used. No torn pages or unpleasant surprises. The covers are just great. $25 each



Item 6578 WW2 German fettebusche


  I have to confess that I have never seen a fat container exactly like this one before. It is about twice the height of the normally encountered ones and it opens with two full twists (unlike the half twist required to open the standard model) I am sure it is Pre-1945 as it is definately bakelite and not plastic. The glass insert is present. I believe it to be a pre-war model. $75.00



Item 6545 WW2 Heer tropical shirt

  This is a well used original example of the M41 army issue tropical shirt. It has pleated pockets. One of the buttons is cracked. The markings inside the rear collar are no longer visible do to washing. Small repair at left upper breast near the collar. A very rare example. $550.00



Item 6548 WW2 Trinkwasserbehalter, 10 liters


  Can you say "trinkwasserbehalter" 3 times real fast? This is a 10 liter original aluminum can for transporting potable water. It has 98% of it's original paint and the stenciling is very good. These are nearly impossible to find in this condition. $450.00




Item 6535 WW2 Luftwaffe trousers



  This pair of trousers came with the above offered tunic and shirt. They are basically in un-issued condition and are in perfect shape except for the three moth holes at the front which can be seen in the photos. The size is about 33 waist 32 length. $750.00



 I just wanted to show you my new car. Yes; it's mine.

Yes; it's twelve inches long.


Item 6487 WW2 German soldier's chocolate tin


  This is an original (empty) tin of German WW2 Chocolate. It was produced specifically for the armed forces as it says “Wehrmacht-Packung” on the reverse. It was produced by the “Hildebrand” company of Berlin. The upper lid says “Scho-ta tola, (brand name) die "stärkende schokolade” (the revitalizing chocolate). The date on the upper lid is 1941. Price; $125.00




Item 6475 WW2 German 7 X 50 binoculars with case, dated 1942



 There are so many things you can do with Binoculars. So many different people you can watch from afar. (But what you do in your spare time is none of my business. I just sell old military stuff. I am not your conscience) This set has everything going for it. The heavy neck strap for the case is intact and sound. The case is in excellent condition and dated 1942. The binos themselves are decent with intact leatherette covering and a sound neck-strap. The lenses show just a tad of spotting in the right optic if you look into the opposite end. No fogginess or dimness. $395.00




Item 6468 WW2 German camouflage shelter 1/4 Zeltbahn


 Here is a fairly good example with excellent colors and an RB number maker mark. It is missing only 2-3 of it's buttons and some have been replaced so there is a mixture of zinc types. But all buttons are original Zeltbahn buttons. The top grommet is missing. Perfect for use or display. $150.00




Item 6457 WW2 German DAK souvenir belt



 I bought this in Kansas city years ago and have loved it ever since. It is a 141 dated tropical web waist belt that has had souvenir items period added to it by the GI who brought it home. The "Arikakorps" cuff title is affixed by several stitches at the edges. The stars and cap insignia are from tropical Italian uniforms. A must-have item for the collector of true DAK stuff. $650.00




Item 6376 WW2 German Luftwaffe enlisted man's straight-leg trousers.



These are about a size 32 waist. (will fit most mannequins) Decent condition with no excessive wear or moth damage. the inside size markings are worn out. 100% original. Very difficult to find EM straight-leg trousers any more; especially Luftwaffe ones. $650.00




Item 6374 WW2 German Rural Gendarme Officer's shako



This Shako is made from a very nice grade of tricot material. Officer's style lining and chin-scales. It has a few loose threads at the top wearers right. $1280.00




Item 6356 WW2 German tool box


I do not know exactly what this box is. It is unmarked. It has 80% of it's original ordinance tan paint. I tend to think it is a tool box or accessory box for a wagon or field kitchen. Let the buyer be the judge! $45.00




Item 6321 WW2 German gas mask lenses in original packets

I have several sets of unissued gas mask lenses in their original packets. Each wax paper packet contains 2 lenses. each lens is marked with maker/date "KUG 44". Perfect for filling that empty lens compartment in your gas mask canister. $15 for one packet, 25 for two packets. $35 for three packets.




Item 6094 WW2 German wartime issue cigars


These 4 inch long German ration cigars came from an opened box that had about 20 of them inside. It had the German "Steuerfrei" military tax stamp and also was stamped "Nur fur Wehrmacht". Sadly, I do not have the box anymore but you can still get all three of these cigars for your smoking pleasure. Price $25.00 for all 3.



Item 6085 WW2 German soldier's cigarette lighter


An ever popular item. This aluminum body lighter has an engraved picture on it of a hunter's cabin. (must have been the sort of thing that a soldier would gaze at longingly while the Soviet artillery was falling on him) It is still completely functional and the metal cap is shiny enough that you can see my reflection it while I took the picture. Perfect for the personnel items display. Price $25.00



Item 6071 WW2 German Water transport bag


Here is a fantastically rare item for those of you who are connoisseurs of rare field gear. This is the 20 liter carry bag for potable water. ( Note that I said "potable" not "Portable" but in this case both words apply). It has sound wooden handles and the canvas is in very nice condition. I cannot guarantee that it will still hold water after all these years but that's not why you'd be wanting to buy it anyway is it? (if so, then you'd be best to use canvas waterproofing on the inside) I bought this item in Normandy France some years ago and have recently upgraded it so it can leave my collection. It is not maker marked or dated that I can see. Price $155.00



Item 6068 WW2 German set of 4 matching tent poles


Each German soldier was required to carry one of these poles. Four are needed to provide the center support of a zeltbahn tent. So I am selling a complete set of 4. No maker marks or dates but they are matching to each other and are 100% legit. $60.00 for the set.






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